Our program is built using the Long Term Athletic Development Principles laid out by Golf Canada
  • Teach students to perform under a variety of competitive conditions during training


  • Develop Individually tailored physical conditioning program


  • Assist with preparation for University/College golf programs


  •  Short game concepts explored further

    • Pitching (Shot selection, stance balanced, and tempo)

    • Chipping (loft of the club, stance, ball position, grip)

    • Bunker work(face angel, stance, ball position, spin vs roll).


  • Develop critical thinking to deal with course management 




Univeristy Prospects


Sound fundamental are the backbone of a repeatable golf swing. We work with our athletes to help them build a reliable motion that will allow them to reach their goals. Athletes will undergo periodic retesting to ensure their ball striking is where it needs to be for their level.


For too many years golf instructors have neglected to communicate the need for athletes to condition their bodies for peak performance. The demonstrative shift in somatotype on the PGA Tour is a testament to golf being a sport, and a sport being dominated by the superior athletes.


Learning to hit a variety of shot shapes, as well as their practical application on course, is the single biggest advantage to enrolling in a Coaching Program. The Golf Lab is excited to offer an integrated outdoor program that includes Grass Range, Short Game, and On Course coaching sessions over the duration of the season.


Outdoor sessions will focus on shot-making, shot selection, and course management. Drills will be built for each practice that promote healthy competition in a fun learning environment. Even though the skill level of the entire team will be diverse the Athletes will be grouped in similar abilities for the drills, games, and on course work.


It is essential for every athlete to have properly fitting equipment. All clubs will be assessed to ensure they have the correct lie, loft, length, weight, and flex.


As Athletes' swings evolves so to must the clubs. At The Golf Lab, we have the ability to adjust the clubs simultaneously with the swing changes. This is vital to expediting the process of ingraining new technique.


Athletes will be given recommended reading lists and coaches will facilitates thought sharing sessions amongst the athletes at key points in the yearly plan.



Tuition for the 2019 program is $4,500 + HST


This includes:


  • The value of coaching, uniform products, Clublink membership and guest coaches total nearly $8,000 


  • Flexible tuition payment schedule available upon request




For any additional question please contact: 




The Breakdown

Over the last 7 years over 90% of our athletes have gone on to receive Full or Partial Scholarships to universities in Canada and the United States.