Get Fit for Your Irons

July 11, 2017

Many golfers debate whether it is worth while to get an iron fitting. Do you know if you’re really getting the most out of your golf swing? If you ask a top instructor what the fastest way to shave a couple strokes off your game, most will say get fit for your clubs. You may ask yourself why would I buy new clubs instead of invest in lessons? As a teaching professional my main goal is to make each student the most efficient golfer possible. A large part of that is having golf clubs that work with your swing. Your golf clubs are supposed to compliment your golf swing.

Getting fit for your clubs will maximize your distance and dispersion. Of course distance is key. The further you can hit a club the shorter a club you can use for each shot. As shown in the table below of PGA tour averages. The closer the approach shot the closer you are able to hit it to the hole.


Stat                                                                 Tour Average

Approaches outside of 200 yards                  50’1”

175-200 yard                                                     34’4”

150 – 175 yards                                                 28’0”

125-150 yards                                                    23’3”

Inside 125 yards                                                18’1”


Key things to consider

When getting fit for irons it isn’t always about which clubs you hit the furthest. Or course hitting it further is important but one statistic that is commonly overlooked is the landing angle of the ball. That is the angle of which the ball lands in to the ground. The key for irons is accuracy, and having a flat landing angle is very hard to control when the ball lands. Typically what a good fitter is looking for is an angle around 45 degrees. This will allow the ball to land and come to rest sooner which allows the golfer to maintain control over the golfer and not allow the surface to control where the ball is going to end up.

I recently fit someone for a new set of irons. He happened to break his 7 iron so we used his 6 iron to compare to the new clubs, because I was confident that I could fit him for something much better than what he was currently using after watching him warm up.


Club                      Launch Angle     Land Angle        Side (ft)         Carry

Own 6 Iron                 14.6                    39.4                17.0R                 186.9

New 7 Iron                 17.7                    42.5                  4.7L                  190.2


As you can see I was able to find him more than a full club extra of distance in pure carry distance. We were also able to tighten his dispersion from 17ft. to approximately 5ft. Another important note was that the golfer prefers to play draws but was continuously leaving the ball out to the right with his own clubs. By adjusting his lie angles we were able to get the desired flight out of his irons which aided him to get the ball where he wanted.

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